Sexual Harrassment

My story is not traumatic. My story is probably very common. In fact, it's so common that it has helped to create the rape culture that exists on college campuses, in the military and in executive board rooms.

No one touched me, not physically, they didn't even say anything demeaning. I was called to bring files up to the conference room of the bank. I came in the door and was told to put the files at the opposite end of the room. Half an hour later, I was called to come and get the files. They were in the same place, unopened, and the same 3 men were there, the Exec VP, the VP of the Commercial Loan Dept, and the bank's attorney. I didn't realize I was called because they wanted to look at me, the attorney in particular, until my boss, another young woman, told me later. I was really angry because they were wasting my time. I was trying to finish the note ledger so we could balance the books for the day.

Now, I realize it was much more debilitating than that.

When men think of women like that, that we are only sexual objects, not intelligent and competent business partners, it permeates our culture. The double standard is so deeply ingrained, it can't simply die off.

I want to say to my sisters who HAVE experienced trauma, you are safe here. We believe you. We support you. We are trying to change our culture for you and for future generations.
Many thanks for this page. 

 Candy (Virginia)