Party Girl

I was about 20 years old and heavily into partying and the rave scene back around 1999/2000. There was a guy I had a crush on who sold pills - we hooked up a few times at parties.

We met up at a mutual friend's place and crashed in their spare bedroom. When I woke up there were 5 guys in the room.  The guy I knew was having sex with me and the others were touching me (on and in my body) in various places. One was only watching.

I gathered my wits up enough to yell at them and get out of the room and I went to seek out the female who lived there. She was angry at him and kicked everyone out. I was in shock. I was ashamed and afraid of getting in trouble for being on drugs so I just bottled it up and kept moving on with my life. 

Around the same time I had another male friend come over to hang out. He showed up with two guys I didn't know, locked my apartment door and blocked it while I was forced to perform oral sex on the two strangers. They didn't leave until they were finished humiliating me. 

Anonymous (Tampa, Florida)