After Hours Party Hostage

When I was a teenager me and my girlfriends got into all of the Grace Street bars of downtown Richmond. No one cared- it was the 80's. We didn't even have fake ID's. Some of the bars were wise to our age and didn't serve us but still let us in, and we would drink in the car, the ladies room, we didn't care. Everyone knew us.  We were pretty infamous young "party girls". We knew the doormen, the bartenders, managers, and the owners.  We knew everyone!

One night when I was 19 a few of us were invited to go to Metro, which was a club that we went to all the time for some after-hours drinks by the manager. His name was Steve - he was a big man- 6'3 maybe, and heavy set maybe 300 lbs. He was a balding man with dark hair and a sweaty brow. He had beady shifty eyes and always had a look on his face like he smelled rotten eggs. He was at the very least, unpleasant to look at. He wasn't anyone I knew well, just a club manager, who was offering us free beer after 2 am. It seemed like a great idea.

I remember one girlfriend that was there, but I don't remember any of the others. It might have been 6-8 people, I don't know. Before my friend and the guy she was with left, they asked if Steve would give me a ride home and he agreed. They were the last two to leave. When they left he locked the door behind them, it had been locked before while we were all in there so he had to let them out.

All I know is that door was locked and without the key I could not get out.

I'm not sure of his immediate actions, I think he took a very short time before making advances which I of course rejected. This just angered him. He acted like I was there to please him and how dare I reject him. He was mean, menacing, and angry. I was scared-I knew I had made a mistake.

This happened in 1989 so the details of that memory  are spotty. I was drinking and I was terrified.. I will tell you what I remember. He turned off the lights. He spoke to me in a nasty tone, he grabbed me and held himself against me. He was big and strong. He turned me around and bent my arm behind my back - it hurt! He was muttering nasty things as I cried and he felt under my shirt, and I was pretty sure he was going to rape me and kill me.

I was trying to wiggle free, I tried to fight back. I was free at some point and ran for the door and he laughed like a crazy person because I couldn't get out. He kept mocking me and I remember feeling like I had to somehow outsmart him. I had to play along, I had to scope out an escape route, I had to pretend like I liked him without letting him do anything but mainly , I had to stall.

I'm not sure what happened in the next 2 or so hours but he cornered me on the stage, pressing himself on me, taking his dick out.  I did everything I could not to look. I kept talking, talking, talking. Asking him to let me go. Stalling. Fighting him off. He laughed at me. I hit him in the head with my shoe and he laughed. He picked the shoe back up and hit himself in his head and laughed. I fought, I wanted to tire him out mentally and physically. I think I did. He held me and jerked off and I just cried. He pointed out my clothing...a miniskirt with garters saying I was "asking for it" basically.

Sometime soon after that he unlocked the front door- it was daybreak- I ran out of the door screaming and ran down a gravel alley with bare feet to my best friend's apartment which was a block away. I woke up her and her boyfriend- they eventually calmed me down. I didn't know if I should call the police. He had threatened me that if I did call the police he would do something to hurt me. I don't remember.

I called the police the next day after I talked to my mother. A detective came to my house and talked to me. They said they would find him and talk to him. They did question him they said, but had to look for him. They talked to me again, in person and on the phone.. Why did they care what I had on by the way?

Nothing happened. Nothing ever happened. He was never arrested. What did he say ?? I was drunk? I had on a slutty outfit?? Are you kidding me??

No arrest, no charges. I think Steve laid low and I stayed away from The Metro for a little while, but I would end up in the same room as him occasionally. I wouldn't look him in his ugly face, in his shifty-ass eyes, but he made me so uncomfortable I would usually leave. I moved out of town eventually, I never saw him again.  Ginni (Richmond, Virginia)