When I realized how Dangerous men can be

First job. Retail chain called Grant City. I was 15. Manager asked me to meet him behind the building after work (he was married and in his early 40s).

I laughed it off as a joke and went home after work. The next day, he came up to my register and angrily hissed into my ear, "I waited for almost an hour! Where were you?" I was stunned into silence and a customer walked up. 

He walked away glaring at me and promptly went to the back of the store and fired my two best pals in the stock room, claiming they had been smoking. I went to school with these guys. Neither smoked. One was our SGA president.

That revenge hurt me more than if he'd fired me.
I knew my mother would spin it as my fault, so I never told. I had a few days off, found another job and never went back.  Deitra (Virginia)