Innocence Taken

I was a little girl about 5th grade, my innocence was shattered at @CPS our substitute teacher Mr. Ocepcha, they called him Lil O... he forced himself on me.  It's still painful to think about.  All I remember is him taking me in the coat room and kissing and fondling me, then all I remember is looking out the window from the 3rd floor watching the kids at recess and hearing his voice saying don't tell anyone or you will get in trouble.

So I remained silent till now. Next thing I knew is I was called fast and mistreated. I took a leap of faith and told my science teacher Mr Cole and he told me he would never let anything happen like that again, he treated me like his daughter he fought tooth and nail to get me to graduate on time he told the principal Mr Miller something and I graduated on time to the 8th grade on time and never looked back at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School on Fillmore.

I went back to see Mr Cole whenever I was in the neighborhood. When your child is having problems at school check in on them, it maybe happening to them.

I feel better getting this out. And Chicago Public Schools should check out who they employ. #Metoo- Cassandra Moore Hawkins (Illinois)