Breaking Free

I come from a painful past, Full of abuse, sexual violence and loss.

At a young age I learned I could only depend on myself.

As time went on I lost my voice, my pride, my life it almost cost.

It felt as if I were alone with no one to love and care for me. The only thing I had was alcohol to numb the pain, And thoughts of suicide and nothing but shame. Why should I push on?

I'm a failure is all I was told and thought. My children would live a better life without me, That is what ran through my brain but God said "Not".

I don't know exactly when it hit me, But I realized I needed to wake up. For you see I am the only mom, My children want to have, to love and to see.

So I cleaned myself up, Got rid of the abusers, the past and strife, Traded them all in for a man named Jesus, For He is the only Way, the Truth and the Life.- Survivor