Catcalling Children

My story may not be as horrid as others since I wasn't physically touched or assaulted but I think looks and words can scare a girl too.
At the unlucky age of 10 I got my first period, so I physically grew up very fast. I always had men and boys looking at me strangely on the play ground or when I was out with my parents, but I had never been catcalled untill the age of 13.
"But doesn't it make you feel pretty and wanted?" Most people say. Well, at 13 I didn't understand nor care about men and sex and till this day can feel dirty walking down the street and I will NEVER run outside.
When I was 13 i remember walking after school to a friends house in town. At a red light on a well traveled intersection I had to wait for the light to change. As I waited I noticed a car full of men next to me. Not just men, OLD men, over the age of 60 like my father, and they were stairing at me not even trying to hide it. When I finally noticed them I became worried and scared. I knew those looks, I've seen my dad look at women walking and running just like they were now looking at me.
"Wanna go for a ride cutie?" One man asked. "Do you want a lift?" another asked.
By now I was desperate for the light to change so I could walk, but as it stayed a scornful red I was stuck interacting with them.
"I'm only 13 years old!" I yelled back in utter disgust, hoping my young age would deter them, but sadly it did absolutely nothing to stop their eyes from looking at every inch of me or their words to me.
"Oh they didn't make them like that when I was young" "Your boyfriend must sure love you sweety" they continued to say.
I was so taken a back by disgust and utter confusion that they would still look and comment on my body being 13 years old that I nearly missed the walk sign. I rapped my arms around myself trying to cover myself as i quickly walked away knowing it would help nothing as I was helpless to them looking at my 13 year old ass as I walked across the road.
When people say "Catcalling is harmless fun, and lets face it, women love to be told they're pretty!" It makes my blood boil so hot I can't even see straight. And I still have to see my fatger now in his 80s looking at any 'pretty' lady on the street.
This is my story. The story of a girl who grew up to fast in the city. -Christina (Wisconsin)