Why I Despise the term "Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor"

I have never told anyone (outside of my parents)....

When I was 14 I got lost in VA Beach when walking and a man in a Navy uniform stopped his car and offered to help me. I stupidly thought he was safe because he was in uniform so I got in his car. He drove to an empty parking lot and forced me to touch him and when I started crying he said “forget it” and drove me to the 7-11 I had been looking for.

When I got back to my mom and told her what happened she took me straight to the police. We went through the interview and I was able to give them his license plate number.

A week later we got a call from the Commonwealth’s attorney. He told me and my mom that IF I wanted to continue with the charges the guy would be charged with “contributing to the delinquency of a minor”. I said no. I was so angry. I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong but somehow this creep was only partially to blame for sexually abusing me and I was at least in words at fault also. 

I regret now letting him get away with it but, even at 14 I was stubborn and not willing to allow myself to take the blame. -Heather (Richmond, VA)